A great increase in TGP of RTX 3090 from RTX 2080Ti


NVIDIA’s next-generation RTX 3090 flagship GPU will have a significantly increased TGP of up to 350Ws. NVIDIA has usually played on the safer side with power consumption on its graphics cards for the sake of power efficiency but gamers don’t usually care for power consumption. The RTX 2080 Ti had a maximum TGP of 260W on some custom variants while the RTX 3090 (or whatever NVIDIA decides to call it) will have a TGP of 350W and a TDP (GPU only) of 230W. This also explains the heatsink we saw in leaks earlier because you would need absolutely a beast in a cooling solution.

Estimated Power Consumption / Losses
Total Graphics Power TGP 350 Watts
24 GB GDDR6X Memory (GA_0180_P075_120X140, 2.5 Watts per Module) -60 Watts
MOSFET, Inductor, Caps NVDD (GPU Voltage) -26 Watts
MOSFET, Inductor, Caps FBVDDQ (Framebuffer Voltage) -6 Watts
MOSFET, Inductor, Caps PEXVDD (PCIExpress Voltage) -2 Watts
Other Voltages, Input Section (AUX) -4 Watts
Fans, Other Power -7 Watts
PCB Losses -15 Watts
GPU Power approx. 230 Watts

Clearly NVIDIA wants to trade away the power efficiency gains from 7nm and instead roll out an absolute beast of a GPU. With the next-gen consoles rocking 10+ TFLOPs of power, NVIDIA will also be feeling a lot of pressure to not only offer higher performance but in a reasonable price bracket. All this is very good for the consumer.

Credits: wccftech.com