A new 144Hz Ultrawide Monitor for PS5 and Xbox Series X


Philips unveiled its new 34-inch ultrawide 345M1CR Momentum this week that competes with the best gaming monitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate which is intended for consoles. It is capable of supporting 21:9 resolutions up to 3440 x 1440 and running at 144 Hz with a 4ms response time (1ms with the blur reduction mode). The release date for the monitor is not mentioned yet. None of the current consoles are capable of playing games above 60 frames per second, we have to conclude that this monitor is for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Consoles are confirmed to support games at 4K resolution and refresh rates as high as 120 Hz. But neither Sony nor Microsoft has made any claims of ultrawide features yet. We could potentially take the new display as evidence of Microsoft and Sony working on features they have yet to announce to anyone but panel makers. With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X both supporting high resolutions and high frame rates, we’re sure to see 144 Hz console displays becoming more normalized over the next generation.

Credits: www.TomsHardware.com