AMD Says its Upcoming RDNA 2 and Navi 2x Will Boost Performance per Watt by 50%

AMD has been gaining ground in the GPU market over the past year, with 7nm Navi 1x parts launching at the high-end, mainstream, and budget markets. During its Financial Analysts Day 2020, AMD is finally starting to spill the beans for what comes next. It’s not called “Big Navi”—at least not officially—but while it will use a new RDNA 2 architecture for the Navi 2x GPUs, the foundation appears to be largely the same as existing Navi 1x / RDNA parts. These new RDNA 2 GPUs will power both next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and more importantly, we’re getting new GPUs for the PC as well.Certainly there will be an extreme gaming GPU, as AMD discussed going after 4K gaming. Considering the budget and mainstream RX 5500 XT and RX 5600 XT just arrived, however, it’s unlikely we’ll see them replaced at the end of the year.