AMD Supercomputers with 327,680 Zen 2 Cores Will Help NOAA Predict the Weather

The United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced plans to purchase and install two new forecasting supercomputers as part of its new 10-year $505.2 million program.The two supercomputers have 2,560 dual-socket nodes placed in 10 cabinets and powered by second-generation AMD Epyc ‘Rome’ 64-core 7742 processors, all connected by Cray’s Slingshot network.Each machine will have 1.3 petabytes of system memory and Cray’s ClusterStor systems will come with 26 petabytes of storage per site. 614 terabytes will be flash storage, with the rest being split into two 12.5 petabytes HDD file systems.