AMD's Budget-friendly A520 chipset is finally here

AMD initially introduced its A520 chipset back in June 2020. Now, it is prepared to launch this same new use of the AM4 socket formally. The central feature of these components is that they are now officially compatible with Zen 3 desktop processors. The relatively new AMD option is also rated for up to 6 native USB 2.0 Ports and up 2 native USB 3.1 Ports. Finally, it could also sustain as many as 5 up-to-10Gb/s SuperSpeed USB ports - which also implies the support for USB type C. However, this depends on the motherboard-maker. On that note, AMD also now supplies links to the first few boards designed for this chipset. They are the ASRock A520M Pro4; the Asus TUF Gaming A520M-PLUS; the Biostar A520MH; the Gigabyte A520 Aorus Elite and the MSI MAG A520M Vector Wi-Fi.