Assassin's Creed: Origins is free for this weekend

Ubisoft is providing some games free for the weekends so that people can be sure if they want to buy it or not. Earlier they gave Fry Cry 5 for the weekend this time it is Assassin’s Creed Origins but keep in mind this free for the weekend only. Ubisoft has provided with the pre-load which means you load the game now and can directly play it when the weekend starts as the installation is done earlier in pre-load. It’s a few years old now—it came out in 2017—but it’s also really good. It sure would be fun to travel back in time to ancient Egypt, kill a whole bunch of people, and launch a millennia-long secret war between two shadowy groups vying for control of humanity. For the game go to, log into your account, and then fire up the Uplay client (download and install it first, if necessary) and start the preload.