[Buying Advice] Logitech g102 or cosmic byte zero-g

Hi everyone,
I recieved my first salary last month and i’m very excited to finally buy a decent gaming mouse.(Have HP M260, basically a copy of logitech g102, with very very bad sensor). I have narrowed my options between logitech g102 and cb zero-g.
My needs:
I have a pretty small hand so I would love a weightless, small mouse.
Now i’m reading that zero-g mouse feet are bad while g102 has double click issues. I can’t decide between them. Also white g102 costs 1100 while black g102 costs 1600. Is there really any difference between them? What would guys suggest? g102 or cb zero-g?

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My vote is for Logitech G102 as I felt Cosmic Byte Zero-G’s sensor uncomfortable to use.

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i am using g102 myself from few months now, there is no double click problem in newer models. also after using lots of mice, imo there is no mouse more premium than g102 in same price range.


Yeah seems g102 is really the budget king.

Was it the mouse feet or the sensor’s tracking itself? Also I have a small hand. The mouse I have now HP M260 is a copy of g102 and it is slightly causing a tingling feeling alongside wrists as I’m playing in low sens. So ergonomics is really important to me. Can you suggest which among the two is more comfortable too? I’m gonna buy based on your suggestion as you have used both :slight_smile: Also is there any perfomance difference between white g102 and black g102 other than price(white is 1100 and black 1600 on amazon idk why)?

This was made by the team, please have a look at

The Logitech G102 Killer?? Cosmic Byte Zero G Gaming Mouse Review | Vs. Logitech G102 | Hindi

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I actually found the site after watching that video :smiley: The video was very good and covered all the grips, but the hand size was left out(some people like me have small hands :sweat_smile:). 1 last doubt, Are the white and black g102 the same perfomance wise and differ only in price? because black g102 is 500 rupees more.

G102 is better in every way.

Zero g’s feet are bad , body is flat from the sides( should be slanting towards the bottom for better grip), the rear mouse button gets clicked every time i pick it up and i have also experienced some sensor problems with the mouse


Thank you. Is there any difference between white and black g102? They have different price and product id.