[Buying Suggestion] Best Quiet PC Case for a Silent PC Build


Hello members,

Hello, is there any list of the quietest PC cases available?
Does anybody know of pc cases that are designed for silence?

Thanks its my first custom build!

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Take a look at cases made by be quiet and fractal design.

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Go for thermaltake view 51 argb
Big fan reduce noise

If you can manage room temp (AC maybe) you can keep the fans any case at lower RPM and you have the silent case…
There are 2 types of noises from pc… Fans (airflow) and coil noise (which is mostly with high power consumption component and hardly audible from 2feet)

Silent the case, more heating issues you may see…

Be quite cases are not available in India I guess…had conversation with be quite on insta… they said you have to import their components…

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