[Buying Suggestion] Buy Digital or Physical Disc of Games which is better?


Hello members,

I want to buy games for my brand new gaming pc what you guys recommend for me buy games online from steam, origin or buy (Original) physical disc of games.

Buy a digital copy if:

  1. You don’t want to worry about losing your game.
  2. Don’t intend to trade it in at a store.
  3. Don’t care about the box, art, or other trinkets that come with traditional physical games.
  4. However, be warned most digital bought games are HARD TO REFUND after a very short time period of maybe 15 minutes.

Buy a physical copy if:

  1. You want to resale or trade-in the game later.
  2. You want a refund easily.
  3. You enjoy a physical collection.
  4. You don’t care for having to lose space on your system.

Summary: The choice is yours. Either way, both digital and physical copies of a game will run “optimally” on your system.

Nowadays Games need optimization updates and download able content …
Hard copy will help you to relocate your old data
Save your internet data to download whole game
So keep hard copies