[Buying Suggestion] Looking for an Extended Mouse pad

Hello members,

I’m talking about the 3 feet wide ones that have enough room for your keyboard and mouse to go on them. Does anyone have a good recommendation for the best one I can get? My budget is 4k and I see a lot of fairly cheap ones on Amazon but wanna make sure I get one that’s good quality.

Glorious XXL or XXXL if you have the room, hyper x pro fury s, mm300, razer goliathus control/speed, qck xxl.

Hyperx Fury S pro
Go for black one.(control type)- gud accuracy
Dont go for red(speed type)

I have used zowie G-sr, razer. Zowie and hyperx black r same. Idk why zowie is so expensive. Hyperx extended size is available on Amazon for 2500 only. Best mouse pad.