[Buying Suggestion] Need Help Picking The Best CPU For Gaming


Hello members,

I’m looking for a very high end processor to complete my gaming PC, but when looking at a comparison video between the new i9 9900k and i7 9700k, there was almost a 10fps increase with the 9700k. To top that, one person said there was no performance difference with the i5 9600k and that it was cheaper. So, which processor is best performance and cost wise?

9600k is slower than the other two…and its stuttery due to lack of hyperthreading…9700k is a good cheap for only gaming…its 8cores makes up for hyperthreading…9900k is overpriced…when overclocked to 5ghz…both performs similar…and if you want 8c/16t don’t buy the 9900k…go with 10700k…it is cheaper.