[Buying Suggestion] RTX 3070 or RTX 2070 Super


Hello members,

I am speccing a new computer I would like to buy and I am not sure if its worth going for a RTX 2070s or paying a bit extra for the 3070.

I am hoping someone who knows more about PCs than me could help me decide. I currently use a 1050 but this new PC will much more powerful than my current one. I am happy to spend more on the 3070 if it is worth it over the 2070S

Any help would be greatly appreciated:-

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The 2070s isnā€™t a bad card. However when you compare the price of it to the 3070 with the alleged performance then the 3070 is a much much better buy.

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Something very obvious is that 3070 has newer architecture and drivers will improve over time to utilize the architectureā€¦
If you think you might upgrade complete system in 2-3 years then 2070 super might make senseā€¦ but if you have budget to get 3070 it gives you a nice upgradability in futureā€¦
E.g. in 2 yrs you might have to upgrade CPU+mobo+ ramā€¦ you can keep 3070 1 more year and spend better in this upgradeā€¦ And later in a year or two you spend better on gpu upgradeā€¦ 2070 might get too old And wonā€™t be wise all CPU + gpu + mobo+ ram togetherā€¦ it makes price double and will make you have the compromises in few things.