[Buying Suggestion] Should I build a Gaming PC now or wait for the PS5?


Hello members,

If I built a pc this would be my first gaming pc. I guess the benefits of having a pc would be that I could code & game. I like Play Stations exclusives though. So I’m not entirely sure.

If you want to “purely game” pc is at least as good as a console. You have to consider what games you want to play, and what kinds of games you want to play. The PC has a much wider range of games than any console, and both ‘sides’ have exclusive titles.

On PC you can get a controller and an emulator to play all the console games of yore. You also have access to a plethora of games not made for controller play, like MMOs, RPGs, RTSs, MOBAs etc.

I much prefer having a PC over a console because of the versatility. I can play Chrono Trigger, Fallout 2, League of Legens, or World of Warcraft on the same machine as I play GTA IV, Battlefield or Tomb Raider. I can plug my PC into my TV and use my controller to get the same couch-play feeling as a console, or I can sit at my desk and do audio/video editing! Endless possibilities, whereas a console is limited.

Also mods.