[Buying Suggestion] Should I buy a RTX 3080 or 3070?


Hello members,

I currently have an i7 8700k, gaming in 1080p.

I’m wondering if it is worth it to get a 3080, or if I should just stick to the 3070?

I’d like to run most games in 120+ fps on max settings

Tbh get the 3070 and use the extra money to upgrade your CPU. That is, if you play above 144hz and don’t want settings to be maxed out. If you play 1080 @ 240/360 non maxed settings, upgrade cpu, get 3070. If you play 1080 @ 144 maxed settings, get 3070, don’t upgrade CPU (maybe). If you want to play 1080p @ 240/360 with maxed settings, upgrade CPU and get 3080.

you should paired with RTX 3060 or TI version …
i7 8700k is pretty old … :innocent: