[Buying Suggestion] Should I buy Semi Modular or Full Modular PSU?

Hello members,

I finally have enough money to upgrade my PSU (within reason) but I have been stuck between modular and semi-modular. I don’t have enough to order custom cables, though I’m not sure if it is worth the money. Which type of PSU is better in your opinion?

Fully modular means all of the cables connecting the PSU to system components are removable; you only need to install the cables that you need.

Semi-modular means only some of the cables are removable.

However the non-removable cables on semi-modular units are usually for the motherboard and CPU, which you’ll use in 99% of builds anyways. So fully modular units don’t actually offer that much over semi-modular units.

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Semi-modular is fine.

The attached cables in semi-modular would anyway be used so fully modular doesn’t make sense.

Although if asthetics is a priority then go with fully modular because later if you get bored with the color or sleeves of your cables you can change your cable’s sleeves and color as well.