[Buying Suggestions] Ryzen 5 3600 at stress test runs at 100.4°C

My current system is:
Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock fan)
XPG D60G 8GB 3200mhz
Gigabyte A520 S2-H
Gigabyte 1650 super
Coolermaster mwe450 v2
NZXT H510 (Default fan setup)

When I run blender it runs at 100% cpu usage and temps upto 96C+

What should I do?
Should I buy ant Esports 3 argb fan kit?
Should I buy CPU air cooler?
Or what should I do?
I used AIDA64 for stress test, OpenHardware Monitor for temps and Task Manager for CPU usage.


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This is very high temp for 3600, before going for another cooler, try changing the thermal paste. In my case it reduced the stress temps by 10 degrees with stock cooler(from 85 to 75).


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