Can this feature become the new revolution in mobile phone cameras?

It’s a feature of the new OnePlus 8 Pro, which seems to use the phone’s infrared sensors to see through a small subset of black materials. If you’ve OnePlus 8 Pro, you should try it out for yourself by just opening up the camera app and swiping over to the “Photochrom” color filter, and point it some black objects. This allows you to see through certain materials, as infrared passes through them in a way visible light cannot. As high-end phones start incorporating infrared sensors too, it seems they can be used for this same purpose. And it’s not just the OnePlus 8 Pro that can do it. The TrueDepth camera on recent iPhones, which use infrared light to scan your face for FaceID, can also be used to create see-through images. In the Unbox Therapy video, it does seem like the filter can see through clothing, albeit in very limited conditions. The question that remains is will this create trouble for OnePlus, especially if the filter can be used to see-through clothing? and will this feature will become of some use in the future if used properly?