Developers of Among Us are trying to prevent a hacker from disrupting the game

For several days now, players of Among Us have been regularly encountering a hack that fills lobbies with bots who spam the same message repeatedly. The messages have had various versions of similar text telling players to subscribe to the hacker’s YouTube channel “or else we will kill your device”, followed by a link to either their Discord or Twitter, signing off “Trump 2020”. Developers pushed out an emergency server update to deal with the issue and advised players to “Please play private games or with people that you trust!!!” People continued seeing the hack, now with messages like “You’re mad I’m back” and “Paid by Putin from Russia”. The second round of fixes followed, and the back-and-forth is likely to continue. The hacker has since been doxxed, their name and address made public on Twitter. During the week, over 400,000 people tuned in to watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez play Among Us on Twitch.