[Discussion] Headphones vs IEMs

I was not much of an Audiophile from the beginning and only knew about brands like Sony Skull candy, Bose JBL etc. and believed that these are the pinnacle manufacturers of speakers and headphones. I had a Rs.500 Sony earphones and felt like these were the best I would ever use. I never knew how technology changed over time and earphones became almost obsolete when it comes to play the type of music made nowadays. For those who don’t what are IEMs, believe me ,once you use it, Its gonna change the way you listen to music. It kinda looks like a earbud but has a totally different architecture under the hood. If you go for IEMs of any Veteran designer the prices can go above 10000$(7 Lakhs) but fortunately there are many brands which make the IEMs at decent prices starting from Rs. 1000, which believe me are far better than any normal Earbuds within the same and Better price ranges.