Epic Games Store to Android and iOS


The Epic Games Store has disrupted the digital games market like no other has done before. Its regular discounts and giveaways have attracted a lot of people towards the platform. Now, it appears that Epic wants to break into the mobile gaming market. In an interview with Gamespot, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny said that the Epic Games Store might come to Android and iOS soon. The move is not surprising, considering that Epic refused to release Fortnite via the Google Play Store on Android. The company did eventually host Fortnite on the Play Store, though. Epic’s usual method of discounts and free games won’t work nearly as well, as most popular titles on mobile are free-to-play. Tim was tight-lipped on any specifics and didn’t mention any release date. Hopefully, epic games will come with the bang in the mobile market in some way or the other.

Credits: www.notebookcheck.net/