For Sale Instructions & Format

Here are the instructions to sell your tech gadgets within our community

  1. Open “For Sale Instructions & Format” topic in the new Tab of your browser along with www.HardwareMana.Community
  2. Copy the contents from the “Main Body
  3. Go to your previous “Tab” and Post a new thread in “For Sale” section
  4. Paste the contents of “Main Body” at your “New Thread

Use this FORMAT For Sale threads with following tags as a prefix in the title bar:

[Product Tag|City Name]
For eg: If you product is Playstation 3 and you are from Amritsar then you can use following title in your “Title Bar”
[Console|Amritsar] Playstation 3

Here are the following pre-made prefixes by us, you can use any of the following:
[Console] [Console Games] [Console Peripherals] [CPU] [Chassis] [Cabinet] [Cables] [Keyboards] [Printers] [Mobile] [Mobile Accessories] [RAM] [HDD] [Motherboard] [PSU] [GPU] [PC Peripherals] [Multiple] [Gaming PC] [PC] [Streaming Keys] [Headphones] [Mice]
In case your prefix is not listed here then please suggest a prefix to the respected mods.

Main Body:

  • Product Name: Mention exact name of the item
  • Expected Price: Rs.00000
  • Source & time of Purchase: Mention purchasing source & month/year of purchase or write N/A
  • Reason for Sale: Not in use anymore, Reselling etc…
  • RMA/Servicing history: Mention any servicing history
  • Product Condition: Excellent, Good or Fair
  • Purchase Invoice Available: Yes,No or N/A
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes, No or N/A
  • Testing warranty: As per your choice
  • Accessories Included: Mention accordingly
  • Product Location: Mention accordingly
  • Preferred Courier: Which ever you are comfortable with
  • Shipping Charges: Shipping @ actuals
  • Payment Options: Cash, NEFT, PayTM, GoldCoin etc…
  • Ideal Usage: Can be used for increasing resale

If confused, please refer other For Sale threads posted by other users.

For uploading pictures via computer, please follow steps:

  1. Make a free account at
  2. Upload your items original picture with your username/date on it
  3. Click on your imgur account > images > click on your uploaded pic
  4. Select the pic > Select Medium ThumbNail in sizes > Copy the link mentioned in ** HTML (website / blogs)**
  5. Paste that code in the last line of your Sale thread & make sure to give a White Space if picture preview is not showing up

For uploading pictures via Mobile, please follow steps:

Reference images below:

Please note: A slip is must mentioning your HardwareMana membership name and present date to list your item at HardwareMana Community. In case you are unable to start a thread, kindly contact admins and they will create an ADMIN VERIFIED SALE THREAD for you.