[GPU|Chandigarh] Gtx 1080ti GPU

  • Product Name: Gtx 1080ti GPU
  • Expected Price: Rs.33,500 /-
  • Source and Time of Purchase: N/A
  • Reason for Sale: Selling on behalf of community member
  • RMA/Servicing history: N/A
  • Product Condition: Good
  • Purchase Invoice Available: Yes
  • Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes [Till Oct 2021]
  • Testing warranty: 1 Day
  • Accessories Included: Box available
  • Product Location: Amritsar/ Chandigarh
  • Preferred Courier : Whichever you are comfortable with
  • Shipping Charges : Shipping @ actuals
  • Payment Options : Cash, NEFT, PayTM

Looking at your power supply blowing air into your graphic card and graphic card fans can’t push hot air to cool the gpu. There is no difference in mining used card and you card so I can only offer 15000 rupees.

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Nice to see your interest member @Prabhav_Kapoor but the ad is already 7 months old. The product must have sold out.


Thanks I was just checking pricing of used 1080ti.

Obviously not relevent to original post… but just curious… Are you sure power supply is blowing air and not pulling air?

@Abhizit_m I would also like to know that

Because power supply releases hot air to cool down and if taking in hot air it’s worse.

Bro… PSU fan pulls the air from cabinet or from below cabinet and blows from behind… like the blower card does… They don’t blow air in the cabinet… that is why the PSU used to be on top of CPU in older cases… old means in 90s and 2000s cases…ha if you are talking about specific PSU that does opposite than I would like to know about it… it’s interesting thing to know…

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Is it still up for sale?

no bro