[Guide] How to boot into Ubuntu without installing it (live booting)

How to boot into Ubuntu without installing it (live booting)

You might need to boot live Ubuntu for ‘n’ number of reasons like:

  1. Testing ports and hardware (Usb, hard drives, pic-e devices).
  2. Dumping ACPI (Required for Hackintoshing in laptops).
  3. Networking.
  4. Generally more stable.

We will go through 3 mains steps:

  1. Collecting essentials (USB drive, balenaEtcher, Ubuntu 64bit ISO).
  2. Making the USB bootable using balenaEtcher.
  3. Booting into live Ubuntu

Downloading and collecting essentials.

  1. First of all we need to go to Google and search for balenaEtcher.

  1. Go to the official balenaEtcher’s official website.

  1. Select the correct version to download, according to your Operating system which in your case will be most probably be windows. In our case it is MacOS.

  1. After you have selected the correct version it should take you to the download page and the download will start automatically.

  1. Now you should let it download it might take a while as their servers seem to be a bit slow according to my experience.

  2. You should now go back to google again and search for “Ubuntu”.

  1. This should take you to this page and you should click the highlighted link as it is the Official website for Ubuntu.

  1. You should now be at the following web page. And should click the ‘Download’ hyper link as magnified in the screenshot below.

  1. A drop down menu will open up where you should select the ‘18.04 LTS’ version as highlighted in the screenshot below.

  1. It should take you to the download page and again the download should start automatically.

  1. Now you should wait for the downloads to complete and get an USB Drive with a a minimum capacity of 2 GB or larger. In our case found a 16 GB USB drive so we’ll got with that.

  1. After the balenaEtcher download has finished. You may now install the balenaEtcher.

Lets move to the next step

Making the USB Drive bootable

First, you need to formate the your USB drive correctly like the screenshot below.

The Specifications are: Name-Ubuntu | Format-MS-DOS(FAT) | Scheme-GUID Partition Map.

Flashing the Ubuntu OS onto the pen drive

  1. Locate the Ubuntu ISO file.
  2. Run balenaEtcher and select the ISO file.

  1. balenaEtcher will select the USB drive but you should confirm the removable drive just in case you have any external drives connected to the PC. This can cause permanent data loss. “WE DO NOT TAKE ANY GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND OF DATA LOSS THOU IT IS VERY UNLIKELY”

  1. You may press the flash button.

  1. Now wait.

  1. The balenaEtcher will go through these three windows and the last window means that the flash has completed.
    Lets go the next and final step

Booting into live Ubuntu

  1. Shut your laptop down.
  2. Generally the key to get to the boot menu is “F12” key but it might be different in your case. The keys are generally specified on the boot logo but they can be found in your laptops user guide too.

  1. You should turn your computer on and keep on pressing the bootable menu key (F12 in our case ).

  2. Now you should reach the bootable devices menu.

  1. You should select the drive on which you just flashed the Ubuntu. In our case it is the SanDisk drive.

  2. Now you should reach the boot-loader.

  1. Here you should select the “Try Ubuntu without installing”.

  2. Now you should be on your way, booting into Ubuntu OS.

Credits and citations .

This guide was made specially for @Karanvir who has a problem with “USB malfunction” error on his windows machine and wanted to diagnose the problem to and get to find that wether this is a hardware or software problem by testing the usb device and port in a linux environment provided by Ubuntu which has an unbelievable compatbility unlike windows and does not require any kernel extensions or drivers to run every device and controller present on the machine.

Special Thanks:


@Agamjot Singh Jashan


And the whole HardwareMana Team

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