Intel Comet Lake-S Arrives: More Cores, Higher Boosts and Power Draw, but Better Pricing

Intel announced its 10th-gen Comet Lake-S series today with more cores on the high-end, a bulked-up feature set, and deep price cuts. Intel claims the 10900K beats the eight-core Core i9-9900K by anywhere from 10% to 33% in several Intel-optimized game titles. It can boost upto 5.3 GHz which is plenty impressive at stock settings and should make the AMD vs Intel gaming battle more interesting at that price point.

Comet Lake-S Flagships Tray Price Cores / Threads Base / Boost GHz L3 Cache TDP PCIe Memory
Core i9-10900K / KF $488 (K) / $472 (KF) 10 / 20 3.7 / 5.3 20 MB 125W 16 Gen3 Dual DDR4-2933
Core i7-10700K / KF $374 (K) / $349 (KF) 8 / 16 3.8 / 5.1 16 MB 125W 16 Gen3 Dual DDR4-2933
Core i5-10600K / KF $262 (K) / $237 (KF) 6 / 12 4.1 / 4.8 12 MB 125W 16 Gen3 Dual DDR4-2666

The Core i7-10700K brings eight cores and 16 threads with a 5.1 GHz boost for $374 and includes 4MB of extra L3 cache capacity. Inter is still mired on the 14nm process, The 10th-gen Comet Lake K-series chips do appear to be hot as Core i9 and i7 TDP’s top out at 125W, a 30W increase over the previous-gen models. We’re looking at a peak power draw of 250W for Core i9 processors and 229W for Core i7. Unfortunately, Intel is still stuck on PCIe 3.0 while AMD supports PCIe 4.0. Motherboard vendors did accommodate PCIe 4.0 on some Z490 motherboards for unspecified future chips (i.e., Rocket Lake), but that comes with higher pricing, and you won’t be able to use the feature any time soon.