Intel's 10nm desktop CPUs are still a year away

The news of a defect in Intel’s 7-nanometer technology, which means another delay. Meanwhile, Intel’s first 10nm desktop CPUs won’t be here until the second half of next year. AMD is already on 7nm with its latest generation Ryzen processors based on Zen 2, and later this year, it will launch its first Zen 3 chips built on an enhanced 7nm node, before changing to 5nm next year. If things had gone as planned by Intel, they would have been on a 10nm desktop chip five years ago. Yes, in 2015! A series of delays ultimately derailed the path of Intel. Getting to 10nm on the desktop is still a year away. "In the second half of 2021, Intel expects to deliver a new line of client CPU’s, which will include its first 10nm-based desktop CPU. Looking beyond 10nm, things with 7nm have not gone as smoothly as Intel had hoped. Intel is now looking at a minimum one-year delay for 7nm, and that’s assuming it actually has things sorted out. With one delay after another, things have gotten so out of control that Intel is actually considering tapping a third-party foundry to manufacturer its chips. So like AMD, Intel would design the silicon, and TSMC or Globalfoundries or Samsung would manufacturer them.