Intel's new blacked-out design for stock cooler but still no match for AMD's Wraith coolers

After over a decade bringing the same stock cooler to market, Intel has finally decided to make a minor cosmetic change to its stock cooler design for some Comet Lake S 10th generation parts. Is there any difference? The “new” cooler comes in an all-black color, which to some might appear to look nicer than its predecessors. The CPU cooler shroud has slightly increased in thickness and Intel also decided to sleeve the fan cable. And, well, that’s about the extent of the changes. The “new” stock cooler is expected to perform identically to the older one. Only a handful of SKUs-non-K series 65W parts and 35W T-Series parts will ship with the “new” cooler. Everything else in Intel’s Comet Lake S lineup is simply too hard to cool with this solution as the new Comet Lake S parts are more power-hungry, and therefore harder to cool. While the cosmetic changes are certainly welcomed but we can see how far behind Intel’s stock cooler is compared to the Wraith coolers AMD offers with many of its Ryzen 3000 parts. The Wraith Spire and Wraith Max offer some overclock potential and the Wraith Prism even supports RGB lighting. If you’re in the market for a Comet Lake S Core i9-10900K or a Core i7-10700K, you’ll want to invest in a high-end air cooler or an AIO liquid cooling solution.


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