Is NR200 worth?

I am working on designing on my own case , but yes the inspiration of this thought was smallest possible and nice performing case for MATX form factor, just like NR200 is for ITX.

Few days back I found that NR200 can fit MATX motherboard and ITX PSU with minor mod here

Also found that with some more modifications, somebody has fit a full ATX motherboard too in the same here.

So I registered for the preorder of NR200 (without knowing actual price in India) even though I have just got an MATX motherboard.

What I want to know from our community is, is it worth trying the mod for MATX? Is anybody else interested in ITX ? So that if I get the case and I think it needs little more modification than my liking for the case I can pass on the case. Obviously without hurting any original pieces of the case.

Looking at the size of the case, is it worth trying such small MATX system?


I am also working on building cabinet would u like to talk ???

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Lets have a conference talk altogether:+1:
@hit-maker @Abhizit_m @Kunal_Panjabi

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Yes why not… would be interesting…

Bit late to the party but did you guys try the mATX build yet?


@Trazer Well not yet
Would like to know why you asked ???

I might end up doing the same myself, I’ll be using an ATX psu but I’m not sure about the motherboard. Seems like the only b450 that will fit in the case is Asus prime b450m-k, and I’m getting an ITX motherboard for about the same price so might go with that.


@Trazer means you are planning to make a case too , would like to discuss further regarding it
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Good to know more people are interesting in custom bUilt cases… btw are you actually building case or just modding a case to fit your needs… ?

I was initially planning on making a case, but now I’m just going to go with the Nr200 as it seems more viable

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That’s obviously the easiest option because manufacturing a case with the precision these experienced Companies do… Also they can afford to machine the precision tools for same for the bulk production… Post the build. Once you are done…

to be honest it looks congested and kind of flimsy metal used
btw if it doesnt bother you go for it
no offences, btw how much are you getting it for?

  1. Yes it’s 18liter case… it is congested by design
  2. Have you even seen the case? Where did you feel it’s flimsy metal? I got the case 3-4 months back and it’s quite sturdy… I have seen and used many cases and yes it can compete with any case out there in toughness…