No more SmartShift Laptops this year

SmartShift technology is one where the CPU and GPU can dynamically shift power to each other based on the user’s current needs. You’ll need both an AMD CPU and an AMD GPU to use it. AMD’s SmartShift technology won’t be coming to any new laptops this year. The news broke on Twitter when Azor, AMD Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions responded to a comment asking about new SmartShift laptops by saying that it is a brand new technology, and Dell is the first company to jump on it. He also said that no more SmartShift laptops are coming this year. Azor here is referring to the Dell G5 15 SE model, which became the first laptop to feature SmartShift technology when it came to the market in the middle of last month. Dell G5 15’s comprises Ryzen 5 4600H CPU and Radeon RX 5600M GPU. AMD claims that this gives “games up to 14% more performance averaged across select games,”. Sony has already confirmed that its new console {PS5} will also use SmartShift.