Nvidia Geforce with GPU Overclocking, OBS Noise-Cancelling!

Today Nvidia dropped a new GeForce Experience driver update, version 3.22, and a new Game Ready Driver, version 466.11. With the 466.11 drivers, Nvidia’s popular AI Noise removal feature – which can be found in RTX Broadcast, is now coming to OBS Studio. All you need is the Nvidia Broadcast Audio Effects SDK, the 466.11 GeForce driver (or newer), and the latest test build of OBS Studio, version 27.
Once you have all three installed, you can use Nvidia’s noise removal software by right-clicking an audio source in the audio mixer and selecting the filters menu. Another update to the 466.11 drivers, Nvidia says this update helps reduce system latency in CPU-bound situations .“Boost” mode. Some games like Call of Duty Cold War don’t enable boost mode by default, so be sure it’s checked in your Reflex supported title. Nvidia Reflex-supported titles have been updated to support the new optimization, including Valorant. In the latest GeForce Experience 3.22 update, official support for one-click automatic GPU overclocking and performance OSD is now available by clicking on Alt+Z and then clicking on performance and at the end click on enable automatic tuning. After this, it will take some time to scan your system to enable the overclock.

Credits: tomshardware.com