Nvidia plans to ship RTX 3000 GPUs with improved anti-mining measures in mid-May

According to a report coming from Videocardz, Nvidia has recently notified its AIB partners about the upcoming GAxx2 chips that are supposed to have more reliable crypto mining limiters. Nvidia plans to start shipping the first LHR ( Lite Hash Rate)chips by mid-May, and retailers should hopefully have fresh batches of cards sometime in June. All new cards will retain current product denominations and, initially, the only way to distinguish LHR cards from non-LHR is by stripping the coolers and inspecting the SKU codes on the chips. It did, however, mention that the gaming performance will not be affected in a negative way. While solving the crypto mining problem could appear like a decent step towards fixing the GPU shortages, we are not sure if these particular measures can have a relevant impact when the global chip shortages are still threatening the supply integrity.

Credits: notebookcheck.net