[Question] 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz WiFi


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So I’ve been conditioned that 5ghz is always the best choice. My issue is my ISP is pretty bad as far as max bandwidth (about 20 Mbps max). However my problem, even with a puck 20-30 feet away, it seems my outside walls with concrete & steel impede my connection.

My question is, is it worth trying to switch over to 2.4ghz to try to extend my coverage outside the house’s wall? Or is there a downside for doing so. What would I be losing, considering my connection at the source to the Internet is not that great if I switch everything back to 2.4Ghz.

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Yep. 2.4 has better range while 5 has faster speeds.

The main reason a lot of people like 5 Ghz is because there is usually less traffic on it than 2.4 in urban areas (example apartment buildings with 50 networks around you mostly running 2.4 networks)

My pixel is pretty smart and always uses 5 when it’s close enough but anytime I am outside or coming home it initially uses 2.4 and works 30-50 ft away still with my Google WiFi.

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Hi, If you have 5Ghz network mostly you have a dual band WiFi and you can have both the networked configured. Most devices using dual band are smart now and can switch with the signal strength between 5-2.4ghz

Download WiFi analyzer app from playstore, you can see how many WiFi are there in your building and around and which channels are being utilized. Change the channel they your WiFi uses to one that’s least busy. You can Google how to change channel on your specific router.

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