[Question] APC UPS with one Ethernet Port!?


Hello members,

I purchased a [APC BACK-UPS 800VA 230V] yesterday. This UPS doesn’t come with a data cable for using the PowerChute PE application. Neither does the user manual state anything about this topic nor does the product description in the APC website state something about it. However, I can see a port labelled ‘Data Port’ on the right hand side of the UPS. It is an RJ45 port and I tried inserting one end of an ethernet cable, which fits in perfectly.Can anybody tell me what is the use of this port?

Yes, it was there because that port was likely only for manufacturing purposes on this unit to load the firmware on it after it is built. This unit won’t support using the data port with powerchute pe, only the BE700Y-IND would as explained in that user’s guide.