[Question] Are laptop coolers worth it?


Hello members,

I have a laptop that, under a load such as gaming, can heat up to about 80-90°. A friend of mine has a gaming laptop that goes up to about >90°.

So is it worth buying a cooling pad or even a vacuum cooler?

Cooling pads can definitely help, as long as they’re good quality fans. I use them on all my laptops and you can feel the temperature difference just by touching them, especially if they run hot. Cooler Master makes some good ones. I use the CM NotePal X2 and NotePal X3 on my 2 gaming laptops and have a few more of the cheaper ones for my regular/home use laptops. Check Amazon though as they’re usually cheaper versus buying straight from CM.

I think cooling pads and vacuum sucktion are waste of money.don’t buy it it will reduce 2-3 degree temp.thats not worth it.
Keep laptop elevated with the help of books.
Egg tray i have seen my friends so the intake and exhaust point have enough room.
Do undervolting thats the thing which will work rlse other things are waste of money…
You can check YouTube videos laptop heat temp with or without cooling pad you will find out