[Question] Are Mechanical Keyboards much better than Membrane?


Hello members,

I was just thinking of upgrading to an RGB keyboard but am curious about what are the advantages a mechanical keyboard actually gives . I have been using membrane keyboards since ages and they do seem to work just fine with gaming sessions . Do mechanical keys actually give a competitive edge in esports?

Pros of using a Mechanical Keyboard:

Replaceable Keycaps
Longer Durability
Better Typing Ergonomics
Sturdy Built
Easier to clean

Cons of using a Mechanical Keyboard:

Loud Tactile Sound
DIY Skill Required

Pros of Membrane Keyboard:

Do not make clicking sound while typing as compared Mechanical Keyboard
Light Weight
More Affordable

Cons of Membrane Keyboard:

Lifespan is less
Cleaning is Tiresome
Typing Experience