[Question] Are Membrane keyboards bad?


Hello members,

I am thinking of getting a apex 3 which is membrane but there are chinese brands with mechanical keyboards at a lower price point. Are mechanical keyboards a necessity and are all mechanical keyboards superior compared to a known brands membranes? I also want the apex 3 because of the whisper quiet switches. Thanks a lot!

There are lots of mechanical switches that are silent too. And personally, the feel of the mechanical switches is just a necessity for me, Idk about you but, if you would rather have a mechanical keeb, there are some silent switches out there :slight_smile:

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If you aren’t worried for gaming then you can definitely go for membrane. A lot of offices still use membrane keyboards only.

fact is nowadays PC components are tagged as “GAMING” from keyboard to your Chair .
Membrane keyboard working fine even as much same performance with switch based keyboards
don’t worry pick any keyboard without any hesitation.