[Question] Are Wireless Keyboards Secure?


Hello members ,

I would like to ask a question on the security of wireless keyboards. As far as I am aware, there are two types of wireless connectivity. A wireless keyboard can be connected using RF technology with the help of a USB dongle or using Bluetooth if both, your device and the peripheral support it. Similarly to a wireless network, there might be vulnerabilities. I personally own a Bluetooth keyboard and I do not know of the exact version it is using, however, I read that Bluetooth uses encryption. Because I find it more convenient to use wireless peripherals, should I be afraid of keyloggers? Thank you in advance.

Most cheap wireless keyboards that use a USB dongle receiver are not Bluetooth, they are 27MHz or 2.4GHz radio.

Many of these devices do not encrypt their signals. That means you are constantly transmitting every keystroke you press, so no, these devices absolutely are not secure. An application already exists to locate and eavesdrop on these keyboards:

High-end wireless keyboards and Bluetooth wireless keyboards encrypt their signals and are secure.