[Question] Can a home inverter be used as UPS for the PC?


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I want to know can a home inverter be used as UPS for the pc or buy a ups for pc is necessary.

Inverter gives you backup power when regular supply is cut off. But it takes time say about 5–7 seconds after power cut, to start supplying power.

Where as in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) as the acronym says, Power supply starts immediately within milliseconds as soon as regular power goes down.

Both Inverter and UPS need batteries from which, It gets DC current, convert it to AC current and supply to our home circuit.

Now the question is for what type of applications you are using a computer?

If you are using computer for work where Data Loss can get you in trouble you should opt for UPS

If you are using computer for casual purpose like internet surfing or gaming, you can opt Inverter.


Yes now days Inverter Ups are used in homes so we can use them for pc also …I have microteck ups inverter at home and never gave me problem whenever light goes…

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Ofcourse you can use. I have been using it for almost 6 years.

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Personal experience my pc was connected to inverter but there was a some Ms delay in switching from main to inverter supply so the computer would shut down but ups gives a constant power supply so there no problem like this

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I have su-kam pure sine wave ups 1600va , when there is not much load on the UPS my computer does not restart but if you are running some UPS load then at certain fluctuations my PC restarts .
In summers voltage fluctuations are very common and Home UPS works between 180 to 240 Volts , if the voltage hike up or decreases the UPS shifts to battery power and there is too much fluctuation.

For Gaming PC you need 2000AMH Invert-er :innocent:

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actually there are two kind of inverters in the market One being UPS Inverters and other standard inverters if one at your home is ups inverter then no need to buy separate UPS but if it’s standard inverter and as said by @Tushar22 if your work loss can get you in trouble a good UPS is always recommended and even you can find one very cheap at local shops because to most of us a little window is required so that we can save our work and shut it down and a UPS with moderate backup will get the job done. I Hope it helps.

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