[Question] Can cheap PSU's really damage other components?


Hello members,

I want to know do cheap PSU’s really damage other components, and why?

Cheap PSU’s often use cheaper components, can be a little less than truthful of about their actually capability (pretend they are more powerful than they really are) and sometimes do not included some safety features like over voltage protection. They also generally lack build quality or Quality assurance.Generic psu’s cause odd issues like Power off or BSOD.Its always best to get a good quality 80+ rated PSU so you know the insides are of some quality and it is FFP.

It all depends on what you plan to use the PC for. If it’s for a high load, gaming, overclocking machine etc - generic power supplies can be potentially ruin your entire system. They are a gamble.

If it’s just for a low end desktop used for browsing, word processing etc then you can get a way with a generic PSU as long as you go nowhere near it’s limits.

It’s like a blind arrow shot
Cheap psu means cheap components
That means no overclocking
and by any chance PSU gets shots there is a probability that it’ll take your components with it
And there is no warranty of any type