[Question] Can I run my laptop without the battery?

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I have 17’’ HP Pavillion laptop.My question is can I take out the battery and just run it via the power cable? I heard you can with some laptops but not so with others. I was wondering if using the laptop without a battery will cause any problems.

Yes, you can remove laptop battery & use it by plug-in to electric socket. But your laptop will shut down instantly in case of power failure. Good Battery provide us good power backup. If battery is not in working condition then you can remove it & use usual power supply. I recommend you to use laptop on battery because often instant shut down can cause failure of RAM, Motherboard & all important components.

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Yes You Can Use Your Laptop without battery just remove the battery and connect the charger laptop will run

Bro if we have a good power supply in our laptop or PC then our components will not be damaged due to power failure