[Question] Do Fixing the Laptop Body will give better resale value?

Hello members,
I am using HP DV6 Notebook and it is running in excellent condition but it has a cosmetic fault of broken body and hinges. While selling it on Olx for around 6k with transparency, buyers are giving it a really less value because of its broken body. Should I fix the body and sell the laptop afterwords? Will I get better resale value then 6k?
I wish the new buyer should repair the laptop in front of himself, so that it builts better trust value with his new purchase because previously repair items can give problems anytime.

It all depends on the buyer. Because here very less people have knowledge about these things so they will just consult someone when they are buying it. There will be more chances of people buying your laptop if you fix it but they will want to pay less for it. But new body of laptop will be aesthetically pleasing for the buyer and it will cost you more than the profit you wanna make on it. You should better talk with someone who is most interested and ask him if he pays you extra you can get the body fixed and then sell to him.

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Thanks for your input member @Harmeet_Randhawa. I will ask for a quote of its Laptop Body at Computer Market in Amritsar. If it is reasonable, then I will pay to renew it.
Anyway I am sharing my ad with you [Laptop|Amritsar] HP Pavilion DV6 Notebook 15.6" | i3 M350 | 2GB RAM | 300GB HDD - #2 by Systmyze. I hope to sell it with maximum transparency which is not possible on Olx.