[Question] Do I Need An Aftermarket CPU Cooler?


Hello members,

I was thinking of getting an i5 8400 without buying an aftermarket cooler since i get a stock one.

Thing is i see people on youtube and forums completely diss the stock cooler. It’s too loud and the cpu even throttles because of the cooler? People are saying that the 8400 cant even reach reach maximum speeds with the stock cooler. Is this really true? Do i really need to get an aftermarket cooler for an 8400?

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It’s sufficient, that’s the best way I can describe it. Throttling may happen, but with proper airflow in a case, you shouldn’t encounter this issue. Nothing wrong with using it, I would only replace it if I determined it absolutely was not sufficient for my usage.

You should buy … If you have strict budget then dont buy

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in my opinion, if you seriously plan to overclock your cpu and push limits to absolute maximum, than yes you really need a good cooler, if your work is casual work or moderate gaming than no, u will do just fine with stock cooler.