[Question] Do I really Need Antivirus Software For My Android Smartphone?


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I’m seeing a lot of anti virus apps for android but I’m curious if its really needed and if so do you have any recommended apps then? I know Android can be buggy at times that may have been the caused of creating antivirus apps. Thanks!

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You don’t need… Just don’t install app other than the Play Store or from not trusted source. Sometime you can find strange app on the Play Store, app who look like the original, don’t install them.

Check de dev of the app, check the number of download and don’t hesitate to inform you if you have a doubt. The problem of the Play Store is the number of “trash” app… So the best is to download known app.

Hope have help you :slight_smile:

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in my opinion, big NO, for typical users who install apps via google play store, you dont need any antivirus.
but if you like to install apps from other sources, or download apks from internet directly, than yes. also worth noting that many android versions of like Mi or Realme and others too have built in antivirus scanners.
these antivirus apps are more of virus themselves, they eat your performance and resources while doing nothing for 99% of time and running in background permanently.

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Nice piece of information member @Amanz :+1:

normal user don’t require it

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