[Question] Dual-band router vs Single-band router: which one to choose?


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Everyone says 5ghz prevents crowding, but what are the benefits of being on a 5ghz band vs the standard 2.4 band?

Dual band is always better than the single band as it provides high speed and better coverage. Dual channel always gives you stable connectivity than a single band.Compatible with wireless devices, it enables customization of wireless network settings and also provides a solution to signal interference. However, a dual-band router is a bit costly, and you may face compatibility issues as there may be some devices don’t support 5GHz band.

Dual always.
5ghz will give you speed but no range.
2.4ghz will give you range but no speed.

If you’re tight on budget and your router is very far from your pc / laptop / components that use wifi then you can go for 2.4 ghz but remember you’ll be compromising on speed.

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Dual band router is better if you have devices that can make use of 5GHz WiFi… Most WiFi devices support 2.4ghz… and 5ghz will be not of any use in that case… Your router eventually becomes single band…

Dual band WiFi can be future proof but Pranshu has the point