[Question] How Much RAM Do Gamers Need?

Hello members,

I wanna get 8gb ram to make the build cheaper but friends have suggested I get 16gb ram and honestly I don’t know if there is a difference at all.

CPU- AMD ryzen 5 3600x
GPU- Gigabyte RTX 2060

8GB is technically enough for most games, but your risk having to close all other programs (including the browser) if you want good performance for many games.

16GB should be enough for all except a small handful of extreme RAM-hungry games at max settings. And there’s no need to close other programs for regular gaming.

do not go with 8gb ram right now. trust me i have tested this thoroughly. many new games will not work smoothly even if you have 2080ti in your system but only 8gb ram. my most recent example is warzone, i get avg 110fps in game on 1080p in lowest setting but the game get very hard fps drops every few minutes just due to 8gb of ram. i upgraded to 16gb few months ago, and it was all i need.
Right now, 16GB is minimum you shud get, 8GB is simply not enough for most tasks, forget the gaming.

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