[Question] How to add mesh to a plastic front panel?


Hello members,

I have a CIT Raider case and the front panel had temper glass.
How would you add mesh to a plastic front panel ?.
I have cut the mesh to the size i need but wondering how to add it to the panel.
Their are 4 holes about 1cm away from the 4 corners so i was thinking maybe screw them in or just glue the mesh.

On the cheap :

  • knock out the front glass, or unglue it
  • go get a thin sheet of wood, balsa or some other plywood thats thin like people use for model building. Could also use thin sheets of perspex plastic sold at most hardware and home improvement stores. this will be your frame.
  • Cut it with either a sharp razer knife, or a coping saw. Possibly cut out two templates of the same shape - with mostly open space and some grid support for a filter material Paint it black.
  • Use some porch screen material as a filter and sandwich it between both layers of wood, or glue it to the back of a single layer.
  • attach it to the case with adhesive, or Velcro to allow for easy removal and cleaning.

So there are few easy ways to do that. Firs step is obviously same as @Tushar22 suggested. After that you can use any of the following option

  1. Go to some signboard maker around your town, give him exact size of the front glass you just removed and ask him to CNC/ laser cut the 3mm acrylic in the densest mesh possible. You can go for 3-4 mm MDF too. Now glue the MDF/Acrylic to the front panel from where you removed the tg

  2. Find the hardware stores near you, they generally have these fine mesh or may be the kitchen trolley manufacturers… give size get it them and get it cut.

  3. The last option is one with least strength but may be best airflow… Try to find the bike seat cover dealer around you… they have this 3d mesh type covers that comes in nylon may be… get that and try a way to attach that to front panel… Velcro can be a option… make 2-3 covers… and then regularly remove the mesh from velcro… wash it… til then keep the other one on… light wait and easy to maintain.

  4. you can use the nylon net that comes for Windows to stop mosquitos… u can use a piece of black duppata (thinker one) as dust filter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So some crazy ideas… Try them, last 2 won’t cost much… just if you find a way to get good finish it will be awesome… 1st 2 are very standard… but will involve cost…