[Question] How to Connect USB 3.0 Cabinet Cable to USB 2.0 Motherboard header?

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I just bought a new case, which has two USB 3.0 jacks on the front. The supplied internal cable for those jacks looks like this:

Unfortunately, my motherboard (an *[MSI H67MA-E35 (B3)] doesn’t have a USB 3.0 header that I can connect the supplied internal cable to.

The motherboard is USB 3.0 capable, but it appears the only jacks are built in on the back I/O panel. What are my options to connect the new case’s front USB 3.0 jacks?

If you have no USB3.0 ports PCIe USB3.0 cards for expansion slots are common. Rumor has it not as effective as on board chips, also performance depends on particular USB3.0 chip on card. Usually a molex power plus is necessary for full USB3.0 charging functions.
Some are external ports only, some include 19 pin headers.
There were PCI USB3.0 expansion card, I think, have not seen any lately.

Some newer PCIe ones uses SATA power plugs.
Power from power supply I only necessary for “USB3.0 CHARGING” function.

I had the same issue, u can fine a 200-300 rs adapter on amazon which will allow u to connect a 3.0 cable to 2.0 header, obviously it wont give u 3.0 speed! Ur transfer speed will be capped at 2.0 but its enough if u r just connecting your headphones or something!

You can use a usb 3.0 20 pin to usb 2.0 connector.

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