[Question] How to Move Windows 10 from HDD to SSD?


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I have a Acer E15 573G, and I’ve got Windows 10 Home on a 1TB HDD. I’m thinking of removing the Optical Bay, adding in a 2TB HDD on there, and changing out my 1TB HDD with a 120/240 SSD. So If I remove my working Win10 HDD, how do I get my paid OS onto the SSD? Will a clean install + my old product key work? What will happen to my OS on the 1TB HDD if it does?

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Download and install Macrium Reflect Free (yes the freeware is enough, no annoying ads or so either)

Get a USB thumbdrive with atleast ~1GB and create a bootable rescue media in Macrium Reflect

Now if you have a external USB adapter or case for the 2.5" drive, then you can do it a bit easier, but i will assume you dont

Make a image backup of your current Windows to a external drive

Replace your internal HDD with the new SSD in the laptop

Boot from the USB thumbdrive with Macrium on it

Connect the external drive which has the backup on it and restore it to the new SSD in Macrium

If you have a external case where you can switch the HDD and the SSD, then you can connect them both at the same time and clone Windows directly, also possible in Macrium.


You can install a new copy of windows in your new ssd drive by downloading it from Microsoft website. Once you are done you just have to call Microsoft customer service and asked them to activate your windows. They will ask for your Microsoft email id and some info. After a set of information they will activate it successfully. It works as I have gone through this process and it also saves time. Don’t go for cloning as there might a chance of hardware failure like your hdd

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