[Question] How to Overclock RAM?


Hello members,

I have ryzen pc I’ve heard that it works better with higher ram frequencies . I have 2x4gb 2666mhz team group rgb memory kit . So I just want to ask which is the best way to overclocking the ram without any errors .I don’t want to do this from bios settings. Is ‘ryzen master’ the overclocking software from does it better?

Enable XMP on the second profile, push the DRAM Voltage up then make sure your SOC Voltage is at 1.1V (for stability) then set your desired RAM speed and you should be fine. At least thats what i did.

Ryzen benefits from higher memory speed is true but each generation maximum speed recommended is different , so u need to push the memory speed according to your generation tooo
Am I right @Tushar22 ???

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With ryzen master you will have the limitation, bios will give you more precise over clicking and more options to tweak.