[Question] Integrated Wifi Mobo or PCI Wireless/Network Card


Hello members,

Im going to be building a desktop computer. I need wifi. Am i better off buying a motherboard that already has this option or should i buy a cheaper motherboard but purchase add on wifi card? Is the add in cards wifi usually more powerful than the wifi thats already built into the motherboard?.

It really depends on what is included with the motherboard and the WiFi card you choose. At the high end you’ll certainly find better WiFi cards. But if a motherboard includes 802.11ac and price is a concern. You likely won’t be able to buy a similar motherboard sans WiFi and a PCIe WiFi card for the same price. Which is as good or better.

Also it doesn’t matter if you buy the best WiFi card out there if you router is a piece of junk.

One piece you want to look out for is antennae with a base and wire leads. Antennae sticking out the back of the case are prone to a lot of interference. It is best if they are away from the case. In such a manner that the case is not between them and the router.