[Question] Is Auto overclocking of CPU is better & safe than Manual overclocking?


Hello members,

What is better, me spending hours to overclock my 5820K or using software such as Asus AI Suite III or other alternatives?

Many people have had very bad results with their auto-OC, with it just not working what-so-ever, and when they go to do it manually, they get it working on their own. My successful auto-overclock seems to be a rare, but possible result. There are others who have been successful using Asus’ Auto-OC, but this is somewhat rare, and manual is always better.

My advice–Give the auto OC a whirl to get a baseline of how your chip performs. It doesn’t take long, and if it doesn’t work out well, you can always set it to default and try it manually. If it does give you a good result, remember the general settings and go back into the BIOS and plug those settings in manually.

Note:- Before you manually overclock, do some research.:blush: